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A land with an ancient heart, proud of its centuries-old and sacred traditions, yet with a firm calling for the future. In Japan, the sacred aura of Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines weaves into the advanced high-tech, the towering skyscrapers, the glimmering lights, and the vibrant nightlife of Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama. Embark on a Japan cruise and venture into a land of ethereal bamboo forests, serene Zen gardens for physical and spiritual quietness, historic wooden temples, and a famed Ukiyo-e iconography that captures the essence of Japanese beauty through its depictions of people adorned in traditional kimonos and yukatas set against the backdrop of stunning seascapes and forests.

On a Japanese cruise, every city reveals the country's magnificent heritage. From the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto to the Floating Torii Gate in Miyajima, from the Todai-ji Temple in Nara, home to one of the world's largest bronze Buddha sculptures, to the Osaka Castle among the many other monumental landmarks that showcase the brilliance of Japanese culture.

A journey to the land of the rising sun


Have you ever wondered how many islands there are in Japan? Almost 7,000, each boasting a range of magnificent landscapes, from the snow-capped peak of the sacred Mount Fuji to the vibrant fields during cherry blossom season, from the tropical coastlines of the Okinawa  archipelago to the many thrilling cities waiting to be explored. With MSC Cruises, you can truly savor the myriad colors, flavors, and scents of this country, choosing from unmissable itineraries that will introduce you to the land of the Rising Sun in ways you never could have imagined.

From cruises around Japan, taking you from Tokyo  to the northern island of Hokkaido and down to the southern island of Kyūshū, to journeys towards the azure seas and white beaches of Ishigaki island, our Japan cruises will be your gateway to a world of unparalleled surprises, where the colors of this extraordinary land will leave you in awe.


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Best Japan cruises 2024 - 2025

Japan is much more than a land to explore, it's a feeling where contrasts bind together in a surprising embrace, where the age-old wisdom of Zen and stories of heroic samurai blend with the vibrant culture of manga, anime and the latest musical stars of J-pop. If you are hungry for culture and adventure, choose an MSC Cruise to Japan which will also open the door for you to explore other Far Eastern countries such as China, the Republic of Korea and Taiwan (China) for a remarkable journey that will continue to surprise and delight long after you return.

Cruises to Japan and Taiwan (China)

Departing from Yokohama you will have the possibility to visit Keelung,  the gateway to Taipei, exploring the historic streets of Jiufen, marvel at the impressive National Palace Museum, and savor local delicacies at the Shilin Night Market. In Ishigaki,  relax on the sandy shores of Kabira Bay, explore the vibrant streets of Ishigaki City, and discover the lush landscapes of Tamatorizaki Observatory. While in Naha, the vibrant capital of Okinawa, dive into the rich history of Shuri Castle, strolling through the bustling Kokusai Street, and unwinding at the peaceful Shikinaen Garden.

Cruises to Japan and Taiwan (China)

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Cruises to Japan and Republic of Korea

For a longer adventure, choose a stunning cruise from Tokyo, with a circumnavigation of Japan and one stop in Korea. The new destinations not explored in the previous itineraries are Muroran  surrounded by scenic mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Sakata  with the well-preserved Samurai District and the charming Sankyo Warehouse, Kanazawa  known for its rich cultural heritage and the historic Kenrokuen Garden. Busan  takes you to the historic Beomeosa Temple and the Gamcheon Culture Village, Yatsushiro beckons with the visit to the picturesque Yatsushiro Castle and the Yatsushiro Traditional Craft Village. While in Osaka, visit the historic Osaka Castle and the Dotonbori district.

Cruises to Japan and Republic of Korea

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A holiday in Japan will undoubtedly exceed the expectations of even the most discerning traveler. Whether you desire to savor the exquisite Japanese cuisine at a traditional Izakaya, engage in shopping along the fashionable streets of Harajuku and Shibuya in Tokyo – the unrivaled fashion hub of Asia – or delve into the serene and sacred aspects of Japanese culture, all you have to do is select from our best itineraries and exceptional Japan cruise deals to embark on a journey that will create lasting memories to cherish forever.


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Find soulful energy and soothing serenity in these lands of contrast, where turquoise waters and landscapes of profound beauty alternate with amazing ancient wonders or the buzz of city living. Whether you choose to set sail from Tokyo or Yokohama, MSC Cruises' itineraries in Japan will immerse you in the very best this remarkable country has to offer.