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Warm weather, blue skies, and endless adventures. In summer, the world shines with its brightest light while horizons expand, inspiring an irresistible sense of discovery. Imagine spotting distant lands in the beauty of a summer sunset. Is there anything better than a cruise for your summer holidays? Enjoy holiday vibes, as you sail from city to city, adventure to adventure caressed by the sea breeze, savouring colors, cultures, and beauty of stunning destinations. Inspire your imagination and stimulate your senses with the best summer cruises in 2024!


Experience the cultures and flavours of the Mediterranean on any of our MSC Cruises ships, offering a vast choice of itineraries in both East and West of the region, lasting up to 11 nights. Discover Northern Europe in all its magnificence, on a wide variety of itineraries lasting anything from 2 to 21 nights including the brand new MSC Euribia. With four ships touring the Caribbean, including novel sailings from New York City, and itineraries from Miami and Port Canaveral (Orlando), there are countless ways to discover the wonders of this tropical heaven.

Have you started planning your summer 2025 holidays? MSC Cruises' tailor-made programme of summer cruises in 2025 provides an incredible variety of itineraries on 20 different ships, including some of our newest vessels. With trips ranging from 3 to 21 nights, our summer 2025 cruises selection is sure to include places you’ve always wanted to go, whether that’s the sunny Greek Islands, unspoiled Iceland or a postcard-perfect tropical landscapes in the Caribbean.

Get ready to enjoy the best summer destinations, where crystal-clear waters, breathtaking sceneries, and cultural beauty of the world's famous cities await. Follow your dream of discovery with MSC's summer cruises.

Best summer cruise deals

What better way to see the world taking advantage of an astonishing array of summer cruise deals? Choose the itinerary that suits you best and set sail for your next summer break! 


Score! Cheer on your favourite team onboard with us

On our cruises this summer, you can take in all the marvels of the world without missing a second of your national team competing in the Football Championship.
Throughout the competition in June and July, take in all of the on-pitch acts and indulge in a special programme of tournament-themed events aboard a few ships.
Every football match scheduled for the tournament will be shown on every cruise ship travelling in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe.

MSC Cruises' summer 2024 sailing season will let you enjoy your holiday without missing your favourite football events. Find them all!


Summer is the ideal time to escape, so sail on a memorable cruise adventure, visiting more places than you ever dreamed possible on one perfect trip. Wondering which are the best summer holiday destinations? Those touched by MSC Cruises! From the Croatian coasts and Greeks islands to major cities in FranceItaly and Spain, from stunning Baltic cruises and Norwegian fjords routes to the icy landscapes of Iceland and Greenland. And yet, discovery itineraries to the Caribbean islands, from the Bahamas to Puerto Rico all the way to Mexican coasts.
Unpacking just once, you can relax as MSC Cruises' transports you to the best summer destinations through sparkling waters on a journey of endless vistas, boundless opportunities, and ever-changing views. Memories made with MSC Cruises are summer’s best-kept souvenirs!


Where better than the Eastern Mediterranean to savour a feast of captivating cultures, beautiful beaches, and charming towns? For your summer getaway, discover striking destinations from the idyllic Greek islands of Mykonos, Santorini and Corfu to the ancient marvels of Athens and Istanbul. Sail the Adriatic from the historic Croatian gems of Split and Dubrovnik through Montenegro and the beautiful Italian coasts. Let the sparkling seas take you past rocky coastlines to turquoise lagoons, pine-backed coves and stretches of golden sand bathed in brilliant sunshine. And between destinations, enjoy a world of pleasures on board, on a trip to inspire all your senses.


Santorini, Mediterranean | MSC Cruises


Enjoy the perfect blend of beautiful scenery and cultural riches on an unforgettable summer holiday in the Western Mediterranean. It’s a golden opportunity to soak up the sun, admire the stunning coastlines and discover an unrivalled diversity of destinations, from Spain, Portugal and France to Italy, Malta, and Tunisia. With MSC Cruises, you can enjoy Sicilian vibes in Palermo, relax on the Balearic beaches of Ibiza and Palma, revel in the historic treasures of Lisbon, breathe in the lavender-scented atmosphere of Provence, and travel back in time to the medieval streets of Valletta and the remains of ancient Carthage.


Tunis, Tunisia | MSC Cruies


Discover the myths and the landscapes of Northern Europe. With its stunning scenery and fairytale atmospheres, every destination is a work of art. Experience the wild beauty of the Norwegian fjords, see the midnight sun at North Cape and follow in the wake of the Vikings to Iceland and Greenland. Be seduced by the picturesque pleasures of Amsterdam and marvel at the medieval charm of Bruges. Or explore the iconic sites, historic streets and cultural treasures of some of Europe’s finest capitals, from London and Paris to Dublin and Copenhagen. A remarkable summer cruise awaits you in Northern Europe with MSC Cruises.


North-Cape, Norway | MSC Cruises


Take a dive into the tropical splendours of the Caribbean! MSC Cruises offers a breathtaking variety of itineraries, with departures from Miami and Port Canaveral (Orlando) in Florida or from New York City. From the reefs and pristine azure waters of the Bahamas to vibrant Puerto Rico, from the laid-back hospitality of Jamaica to the fantastic fauna of the Cayman Islands and Mexico’s snorkellers’ paradise of Cozumel there’s so much to savour. And let’s not forget the exclusive white sand beaches of Ocean Cay, MSC Cruises’ own private island. Palm trees, picture-postcard beaches, and warm waters are just the start of your summer holiday.


Cozumel, Mexico | MSC Cruises

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Discover the wonders of the world with MSC Cruises and experience summer thrills like never before. Choose the perfect month for your summer holidays in JuneJuly and August! [for months pages, add a hyperlink to the respective lp]. Whether you're travelling with friends, as couple or as a family, MSC Cruises has the right itinerary for you. Picture yourself lounging on deck, soaking up the sun, and sipping refreshing cocktails while gazing at the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean or the Caribbean.

Discover breathtaking destinations and enjoy unparalleled onboard entertainment with MSC's summer cruises.

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