HealtH & Safety MEASURES 

The MSC Cruises family of guests and crew is at the centre of everything we do, and your health and safety are of utmost importance to us.

From the moment you start planning to when you return home, we are thoroughly assessing every step of the way to provide a safe, healthy and comfortable experience on your next cruise with us.


We are working together with leading international experts in the fields of Medicine, Public Health and related scientific disciplines to develop and validate our health and safety measures. Read more about our blue-ribbon panel by clicking here.


Our new operating procedures are designed to meet and exceed guidelines provided by national and international health authorities and we continue to monitor the situation in order to adapt them if required. Any updates to these measures will be posted on this website.





Click here to download our current Health & Safety factsheet for more details

As you travel or cruise with us, we invite you to follow
the World Health Organization recommendations:

meet our group of experts

The enhanced health and safety measures has been developed with external health experts including Aspen Medical, a leading global healthcare provider and international university professors and doctors in the field of epidemiology and virology alongside our MSC Cruises Medical Department.

We have established a blue-ribbon COVID Expert Group in the fields of Medicine, Public Health, and/or related scientific disciplines, and we are collaborating with them to inform and review our health and safety measures as they relate to COVID-19 to help ensure that the actions taken are appropriate, effective, and informed by the best available science and health practices.


To find out more about our group of experts, click here.


We prepared a list of Frequent Asked Quesions (FAQ) to quickly get answers to you for the most common questions