From sky to sea: cruise and flight packages

Flights, transfers and cruise included in one unique package. Designed to provide you with a seamless and stress-free travel experience, Fly Cruises remove the hassle of multiple bookings and planning, offering an effortless, all-in-one solution. From easy booking to perfect flight schedule, transfers included and expert travel assistance, we are committed to ensuring that your cruise holiday starts and ends on the right note.


MSC Fly Cruises offer the security and, ensuring your financial protection when you book a package trip that includes a flight. It's important to note that this protection is distinct from traditional travel insurance.


Combining flights and transfers with your cruise is extremely smooth. When making your booking, simply select the cruise itinerary that suits you best and choose the Fly & Cruise fare. Additionally, you can pick the airport that is most convenient for you. Before the payment is completed, you will have access to all the flight information, including the option to upgrade your class if it is available. Draw inspiration from the finest destinations that are easily within reach and book your Fly & Cruise holidays in 2024 or 2025!
Please refer to the FAQ for additional weight limitations. 


Seize the opportunity of the best fly cruise deals in 2024 and 2025 and embark on a wondrous holiday without the hassle of planning every little detail. Let MSC Cruises handle it all for you!


Experience effortless travel planning as MSC Cruises takes care of organization, transfers and flight scheduling. Our Fly & Cruise holidays include checked luggage.  From check-in to arrival, our expert assistance is available to  provide guidance on airport navigation, flight delays, and unforeseen events.

Fly & Cruise guarantees effortless organization and hassle-free travel

Leave the organization to MSC Cruises! With our Flight and Cruise packages, we handle all the arrangements, guaranteeing a seamless holiday planning for you. Even if you should experience delays or encounter any problems during your journey, MSC Cruises will be there to support you, ensuring you reach the ship without any inconvenience. Our dedicated telephone helpdesk is available anytime from three hours before your flight to provide complete assistance.

Fly & Cruise guarantees effortless organization and hassle-free travel

Hassle free travel fly & cruise | MSC Cruises

Fly & Cruise offers personalized flight options tailored to your needs

Maximize your time with our Fly Cruise packages. While booking your cruise, we will help you find the best flight schedule that aligns with your cruise embarkation and disembarkation. Say goodbye to wasted hours searching for flight options and waiting for it at the airport - we have got it covered!

Fly & Cruise offers personalized flight options tailored to your needs

More time to relax | MSC Cruises

Flight Excellence for unbeatable value

Experience exceptional value for your money with our Fly & Cruise Package. Enjoy the convenience and quality of our trusted airline partners, ensuring a comfortable and memorable flight experience. We prioritize your comfort and satisfaction, from takeoff to landing. You can also treat yourself to Premium, Business, or First-Class upgrade. MSC Fly Cruises offer the security, ensuring your financial protection.

Flight Excellence for unbeatable value

Flight excellence fly cruise | MSC Cruises

Seamless transfers for stress-free travel

Leave the airport navigation to us. All Fly & Cruise Packages includes transfers from the airport directly to the ship, and vice versa. Enjoy peace of mind as MSC Cruises handle all the organization, allowing you to fully embrace and enjoy your cruise holiday.


Seamless transfers for stress-free travel

Transfers Included | Fly & Cruise MSC Cruises

Luggage peace of mind

With MSC Fly & Cruise your luggage is well cared for. In the rare event of a mishap during air travel, our dedicated team will swiftly recover your belongings. We work closely with airport Lost & Found offices to ensure your luggage is promptly delivered to your cabin, so you can focus on enjoying your holiday and making memories.

Luggage peace of mind

Lugagge peace of mind | MSC Cruises


What is included in the Fly and Cruise package?

All Fly Cruises packages includes:


  • Direct flights to and from your embarkation port
  • Comfortable transfers from the airport to the ship and back again
  • Checked luggage and luggage recovery
  • Assistance at airports

What are Fly Cruises?

Fly & Cruise is a package that combines flights and transfers with your cruise. With MSC’s Fly Cruises you can sit back and relax as soon as get off the plane. Once your relaxing cruise holiday is over, you will be transferred back to the airport for your flight home.

How can I book a Fly Cruise?

You can simply book your Fly & Cruise package directly on MSC Cruises website. During your cruise booking you can add a direct flight for a safe and guaranteed boarding on the cruise. We will offer a list of best flight schedules that aligns with the cruise embarkation and disembarkation.

Will I receive assistance at the airport?

There is dedicated assistance at airports assuring a trouble-free start to your journey. You will receive a Helpdesk number, available to answer your travel queries from 3 hours before your flight.

Where do I find my flight details?

You will receive the flight details on your cruise ticket.

Where should I do the online flight check-in?

You can do it directly in your Airline's reserved area on the app or on the website using your booking reference number.