Lanzarote Cruise

Lanzarote Cruise

A reserve full of surprises

Reaching Arrecife de Lanzarote in the Canary Islands on an MSC Cruise will be an engaging and unique experience that will take you to a natural paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, consisting of the seven spectacular islands that make up the Canary Islands.

An MSC Mediterranean Cruise will be a unique opportunity to discover the beauty of the fourth largest island, declared a "biosphere reserve" by UNESCO for its mild climate and its natural wonders. It is where the Camelus dromedarius, the only native European breed of dromedary, chose its home.

You will discover an unforgettable island where the core soul of the harbours has remained unchanged, still dynamic and vibrant as in the past. With an MSC Excursion you will visit the capital Arrecife, a crossroads of fishers and traders, protected by a constellation of small islands and volcanic cliffs. It offers an infinite variety of sounds, voices and colours that inspired the visionary architect César Manrique, who has created many valuable works of art on the island.

One of the MSC Excursions will take you through a breathtaking lunar landscape in the southwest of the island, where some of the most memorable scenes from the cult movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” by Stanley Kubrick were filmed in 1968. Also in Timanfaya National Park stands the most impressive active volcanic cone in size, which 250 years ago led to the destruction of the entire island and now overlooks the landscape, making it one of the most seductive attractions.

With another MSC Excursion you will also explore the Jameos del Agua, one of the most famous places in Lanzarote. This area consists of open-air underground caves dug by a tunnel of lava from the volcano of Corona, whose eruption about 3000 years ago reached the sea. The solidifying lava generated these tunnels, whose roofs partly collapsed, letting in the sunlight. Here César Manrique, a local artist, established a botanical garden, an auditorium, and other structures that mixed the artificial with the natural.

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