On board information

Your health and safety will always be our utmost priority. Click here to find out more about our enhanced Health & Safety protocols.

Health & Safety update: onboard Spa services

Due to the increased Health & Safety measures in order to grant a safe cruise for all our guests, the following Spa areas onboard MSC Magnifica and MSC Grandiosa have been temporarily closed: Saunas, Steam Rooms, Heat Baths, Whirlpools & Ice Room.

Therefore, some Thermal packages are not available anymore. For Guests who already purchased packages MSC Cruises suggests to proceed as follows:

  • Before departure: cancel the package before departure, by taking advantage from the free cancellation.
  • If already on board: call or visit the Spa reception on board, which will replace this package with any other on board service of the same value.

    For any additional information please contact our Contact center.

How can I find my way around the ship?

A map of the ship is available at the reception

What will the temperature on board be like? 

MSC ensures sure that the temperature inside our ships is pleasantly regulated taking into account the weather conditions. The temperature in your cabin can be easily regulated using the thermostat.

What medical services are available onboard?

Guests who lose items on board should refer to the Reception or Guest Services to see if their belongings have been handed in.

What are the service charges?

During your cruise, you will meet staff throughout the ship who provide you with excellent service. They are supported by just as many staff and crew who work hard behind the scenes to ensure you enjoy every moment onboard. For your convenience MSC Cruises will automatically add a daily Hotel Service Charge to your shipboard account, based on your chosen itinerary and the number of days for which the services are actually provided.
The Hotel Service charge serves to ensure we maintain the highest quality standards of service to our guests. The daily amounts below have been calculated with this in mind and cannot be modified. However, should you wish to remove any of the daily Hotel Service Charge in the unlikely event that you do not receive satisfactory service, you may do so by contacting the Guest Relations Manager on board. If you wish, the daily Service Charge for your cruise can be added to the price of your cruise at the time of booking, rather than added to your onboard account during the cruise. Please let your booking agent know if you would like to add the Service Charge to your cruise price.

MSC Cruises does not recommend tipping individual members of staff.

Bar Service Charge
A 15% Bar Service Charge is automatically added to all purchases.

For more information click here

Are the prices on board more expensivethan those on land?

No. In fact the special operating environment that regulates the maritime sector means that many products (such as alcohol, tobacco and fragrances) can be sold duty free, bringing reductions of up to 30% off retail prices on land. 

*Depending on the itineraries and subject to applicable legislation.

Is smoking allowed on board?

In line with global standards, smoking areas on board are fewer than non-smoking areas and are indicated by signage and ashtrays. 

Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not permitted in cabins, on cabin balconies and anywhere not expressly indicated by signage and ashtrays. 

The Company reserves the right to levy a fee should passengers be found smoking in non-designated areas of the vessel.  Repeatedly smoking in non-smoking areas can ultimately lead to disembarkation. 

We remind you that throwing cigarette butts or anything else overboard at sea is strictly prohibited as it may seriously put in danger safety at sea.

What medical services are available on board?

The ship has a medical facility staffed by a Doctor and nursing personnel. This is a private service and all consultations are charged for. Please note that the medical facility does not operate as a pharmacy and a consultation with the Doctor is required prior to any medicine being dispensed. We highly recommend that you take all necessary medications onboard with you. 

Please also be advised to check with your Medical Aid Scheme prior to departure whether they will reimburse you for any visits to the Doctor on board realising that the Doctor is not a South African Doctor and does not have a practice number, and that you will be within International waters at the time of visiting the onboard Doctor. We are not able to provide any Doctors Reports/Practice number.

Is there wi-fi on board?

Yes, Wi-Fi is available on board all of our ships. For additional information click here.

Are sun loungers available on board

Sun loungers are available free of charge for all passengers, although they cannot be reserved. Guests are kindly requested not to occupy deck-chairs and sun loungers with personal items during any long absences (more than 30 minutes). Beach towels are available in the cabins. These should be returned in cabins after use. Unreturned pool towels may be charged to the on-board accounts of guests.. 

The Exclusive Solarium on the top deck of each ship offers a private enclave of relaxation. Spa, jacuzzi and bar services are also provided in the Exclusive Solarium area on some ships.

Languages spoken on board

The company uses six main languages for its communications: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. The order in which these languages appear is determined exclusively by the number of guests in each language group as a proportion of our total guests. The cabin information booklet and other printed material used on board are available in different versions for each of the six languages listed above. The order of the languages used in our menus changes depending on the area of the world in which each ship is located.

The Hub – Photo & Digit@l

An on-board Photo Service is available throughout your cruise. Professional photographers will capture the highlights of your cruise both on board and ashore, and record anniversaries, weddings, quinceañeras, and other special moments. You can view their work at your leisure in The Hub – Photo & Digit@l.The Hub Manager will also be happy to discuss any specific requirements you may have. Discover more about our Photo Packages and take advantage of our discounted prices vs onboard by clicking here


Our photographers can also create portraits of you and your family or friends using a variety of high quality studio backgrounds or setting up at key iconic locations throughout the ship, such as the Grand Staircase, The Bridge of Sighs or the Swarovski Staircase. Discover all the unique photo spots on board our fleet. No appointment is required. All portraits will be displayed in The Hub – Photo & Digit@l and are available for you to purchase during the cruise. 


Retail products

A wide range of products to satisfy all your photographic and video needs can be purchased in the Photo Gallery. As well as memory cards, batteries, and other accessories, there is a wide selection of digital cameras and video cameras at duty free prices. Our photo team is available to offer advice, answer your questions and help you select the right equipment for your needs and budget.


We ask our guests to not to throw anything into the sea and to work with us to safeguard the sea, marine life and the ecosystem.

Travelling with cash

Europe: EC Regulation 1889/2005 states that: “Any natural person entering or leaving the Community and carrying cash of a value of Euro 10,000 or more shall declare that sum to the competent authorities of the Member state through which he is entering or leaving the Community in accordance with this Regulation”. 
Please consult your travel agent and/or the relevant authorities (embassies, consulates or other local authorities) to find out whether there are any other restrictions to carrying cash on your itinerary.


For further information on travel please consult the Important Travel Advice page

Are animals allowed on board?

No animals are allowed on board, apart from recognised assistance dogs. 

Bringing assistance dogs on board is, in any case, subject to approval by the company and must be requested by the Guest when booking. Only available on International sailings- excluding Grand Voyagers


Guests are advised to consult their National Health Service prior to the cruise for information regarding recommended vaccinations. MSC Cruises declines all responsibility for guests who do not adhere to the recommendations on the prevention of infectious diseases or do not have the appropriate vaccinations to enter a particular port during the cruise.

Ship phone numbers






by telephone:

by telephone:

by telephone:

by telephone:

by telephone:


00870 765 109 826

00870 765 097 163

00870 764 911 645

 00870 764 878 834


00870 765 109 828

00870 765 097 164

00870 764 911 646

 00870 764 878 835

by fax:

00870 765 109 829

00870 765 097 166

00870 764 911 642

 00870 764 878 837


by fax:

by fax:

by fax:

 by fax:


00870 765 109 827

00870 765 097 165

00870 764 911 644

 00870 764 878 836


00870 765 109 830

00870 765 097 168

00870 764 911 647

 00870 764 878 839






by telephone:

by telephone:

by telephone:

by telephone:

 by telephone:

00881 677 104 853

00870 764 837 233

00870 761 120 770

00870 764 614 351

 00870 773925400
 by fax:

00870 764 837 236

00870 761 120 775

00870 764 614 354

 00870 773925401

00870 765 046 692

by fax:

by fax

by fax:

 by fax:

00870 765 046 695

00870 764 837 234

00870 761 120 774

00870 764 614 356

 0033 562168302


00870 764 837 237

00870 761 120 778

00870 764 614 352












by telephone:

by telephone:

by telephone:

by telephone:

 by telephone:

00870 773924260

00870 773925404

00870 773925402

00870 773308291


00870 773924261

00870 773925405

00870 773925403

00870 773308290


by fax:

by fax:

by fax:


 by fax:

0033 562168066

0033 562168101

0033 562168220


 by telephone:  by telephone:  by telephone:  by telephone:  
 00870773940750  00870773941881  00870773932856 00870773248005  
 00870773940751  00870773941882  00870773993064 00870773249244  
 by fax:  by fax:      
 00870783937881  00870783322425

 00870783937883  00870783322427





For security reasons, visitors are not permitted on board.