New Embarkation Process

Step 1: E- Ticket, Embarkation Form & Luggage
  Please arrive at the port with your E-ticket and Embarkation Form printed on 2 separate pages (not back to back) as you will hand 1 in and keep the other.

You will hand in your checked luggage and you'll receive a receipt for extra bags for which payment will be added to your onboard account.
Step 2: Check-In Desks

You will then proceed to the check-in desks. Your Passport/ID and Embarkation Forms will be checked (applies to all passengers in each booking, children included).

Correct information on the Embarkation Form - will be stamped with a green stamp and these passengers will proceed to Immigration.

Incorrect information on the Embarkation Form - will be stamped with a red stamp and the information will be manually corrected at the check in desk, and the forms will be sent onboard to be captured there.

NB: Please ensure that the information you have inserted into your Passenger Registration Form is 100% correct and if you have made updates / changes, please ensure that you have received new e-tickets before departing.
Step 3: Immigration, Photos & Getting Onboard

You will then proceed to immigration.

Photos of you will be taken en-route to the ship after passing through immigration.

  After which, you will proceed onboard.
Step 4: Cruise Cards

You will be able to receive your cruise cards in your cabin at 1pm, when you will have access to your cabin.

NB: Please note that cruise cards will no longer be made available at check-in, but only when you enter your cabin.


  • Pre-paid vouchers can be collected onboard.

  • You will be able to use your paper print-outs of your cruise tickets to make purchases onboard until such time as you access your cabin. This will be a manual process.

  • Your cruise cards (required to be activated with a deposit before being able to make onboard purchases) will only be available in your cabin from 13h00. You are required to "activate" your cruise cards with the relevant deposit no later than 11h00pm on the evening of departure.

    In order to ensure that you are able to make purchases before such times as you have activated your onboard account, your cruise cards will be opened for advance purchases, these purchases will be added to your onboard account to be settled in full before disembarking the ship.

    Value of advanced onboard credit:
    - Cruises up to 3 nights: $150 per person
    - Cruises between 4 to 6 nights: $200 per person
    - Cruises longer than 7 nights: $300 per person