Flock At Sea AGAIN! 2017

Sooty Albatross. Tristan Albatross. White-headed Petrel. Blue Petrel.

If these mythical species read like your personal seabird wish-list, then read on.

Not that they are guaranteed, which of course they are not. But the Flock at Sea AGAIN! trip in April 2017 will give birders their best, and most affordable shot ever, at adding these species, and  more that 30 others, to their life/Southern Africa/Western Cape lists.

Flock at Sea AGAIN! 2017 offers the unique opportunity of a 5 day , 4 night cruise along the continental shelf from Cape Town and back. The route will be specified by BirdLife South Africa for optimum seabird spotting. These waters have produced some of the rarest seabirds on the South African list. With top seabird guides on deck and a variety of onboard lectures and talks by leading seabird experts, this promises to be an unforgettable trip. The 88th BirdLife South Africa AGM will be held onboard during the cruise.

Given the quantity and quality of seabird guides, the route we’ve planned, and the flexibility we will have, not to mention three days of solid birding in the most productive, and least accessible waters, and the volume of chum that will be onboard as a backup, there can be fewer better bets in town than this.

We will host 30 of the world’s best guides on deck, at stations around the ship at all times, to ensure that anything of interest can be identified and shared by as many people as possible. Peter Harrison, one of the world’s foremost authorities on seabird identification, who is also a highly entertaining naturalist is on board, are you? 

But if 5 days of non-stop, pulse-quickening birding isn’t your cup of tea, there will be plenty other reasons to join BirdLife South Africa and friends aboard the cruise. Aside from the shows and entertainment that all regular MSC cruises have, there will be dedicated seabird identification lectures, talks, photographic courses and more. All free, all delivered by experts, and all in the company of hundreds or, potentially, thousands of like-minded birding and wildlife enthusiasts. Costs are, of course, a major consideration.

Included in your fare:
• Accommodation in category booked
• 3 Meals daily plus midnight snacks daily
• Deck Parties
• Floorshows Nightly
• Discotheque
• All games and daily activities
• Casino access
• Aerobics & Gymnasium

KIDS CRUISE FREE: Up to 2 children under 18 years, sharing a I2 or O2 cabin category with 2 adults, for Suites 2 children under 12 years & for balconies 1 child under 18 years, only paying the mandatory charges. 

When booking please make sure you select the correct promotion tab, see image below:

Birdlife Price 

Please visit http://birdlife.org.za/events/flock/flock-at-sea-again-2017 for further information or contact Emma Askes on 011 789 1122 or emma.askes@birdlife.org.za

Disclaimer: The activities and artists advertised are planned by the organisers and are in addition to the normal entertainment and activities provided by MSC Sinfonia and MSC Cruises. The additional activities and artists planned by the organisers can change at any time without notice to the passenger.

South Africa

Cruise Ship Cruise Itinerary South Africa Departure Port Duration 4 Days, 5 Nights