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To book your MSC Grand Tour, please call our contact centre 011 844 6073
With its complete itinerary, the MSC Grand Tour offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the exquisite beauty of the Mediterranean at length and in depth.

In addition, you will live the fabuolus ambiance and comfort of up to four different ships of our cutting-edge fleet.

The MSC Grand Tour is a combination of up to four cruises to create one unforgettable voyage of discovery lasting between 15 and 29 days. That’s up to four weeks of enjoying between 10 and 21 new places, with their interesting cultures and vibrant people.

Moreover, other advantages include: transfers from port to port; up to three excursions and a 30% discount on the laundry services.

Terms & Conditions

  • Cancellation of one single cruise included in the package will be not allowed, as the package has to be considered indivisible
  • Any changes/cancellation requested by the Passenger on a Grand Tour shall always apply to the whole Package. All the relevant time limits run from the scheduled date of departure of the first Cruise of the Grand Tour
  • The product will be not combinable with BROCHURE PROMOTIONS / MSC Voyagers Club discount
  • The Laundry discount will be not combinable with other similar discounts and with onboard packages Regular or Express
  • The Restaurant & Bar Drink Package discount will be not combinable with other similar discounts
  • Local terms and conditions will be apply in addition to the above