Cococay Cruise

Cococay Cruise

Breath-taking views

A cruise to the Caribbean is perfect for learning about the Berry Islands.
Situated about fifty miles north of Nassau, they are host to such an abundance of marine life that they have been nicknamed the aquarium of the Bahamas. Among the 30 cays and small submerged islands of the archipelago, between which you will navigate in your MSC cruise ship, there is a private island called Little Stirrup Cay, also called Coco Cay, one of the favourite destinations of those who choose to navigate through these waters.
The island is about 1 kilometre long and less than 200 meters wide. As you will see from your cruise ship, there is nothing blocking your view. In other words, the island is not much higher than a palm tree! Visitors can disembark for a day-long excursion (at night, the island is uninhabited) using a tender service that connects ships anchored in deeper waters with the eastern point of the island, the centre of its recreational activities.
The beaches on this part of the island face a reef basin, where manta rays, skates and many other fascinating fish often swim and

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Aqua Park/Water Slide Combo
  • Category: SEA & SUN
  • Code: COC18
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Deluxe Cabana
  • Category: SEA & SUN
  • Code: COC19
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  • Category: SEA & SUN
  • Code: COC20
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Coco Cay Kayak & Snorkel Combo
  • Category: ACTIVE & ADVENTURE
  • Code: COC21
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