Durban, South Africa, 19 April 2022 - The MSC Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the MSC Group  (Mediterranean Shipping Company and MSC Cruises), has announced that it wishes to support the communities that have been affected by the floods in KZN. Early last week Durban and the wider KZN province experienced unprecedented flooding, which led to wide spread devastation.


The MSC Foundation will be providing relief to the affected communities in the form of food parcels, blankets, and other necessities to be distributed through reputable NGO’s in KZN. In addition, MSC Orchestra and two MSC Cargo vessels which are currently operating out of Durban, will also be donating water to affected communities from the ship’s onboard water treatment plants. 


Ross Volk, MD of MSC Cruises South Africa, commented: “The KZN community is one that is close to our hearts at the MSC Group, as we have a large base in the Province and have invested heavily here, most recently with the new KwaZulu Cruise Terminal. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to the families who have been affected by this devastation and our condolences go out to those that have lost loved ones during this period. We want to do what we can to help the people of KZN in this time of great need.”


The MSC Foundation is uniquely placed to respond promptly and effectively to emergency and disaster situation on every continent, while also acting as a catalyst for relief and rebuilding efforts thanks to MSC’s global reach, with offices and network in 150 countries worldwide.


During the years, the MSC Foundation has contributed both to immediate and longer-term relief and recovery efforts across the world in collaboration with MSC Group.

The MSC Foundation provided concrete support for African communities impacted by emergencies in Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe for the Cyclone Idai, facilitating access to personal protective equipment to mitigate Covid-19 pandemic in 11 African countries; assisting communities affected by Ebola outbreak in DRC.  Alongside this, the MSC Foundation provided disaster relief and rebuilding support for 3 hurricanes in the Bahamas and in Central America, the Beirut port blast, the volcanic eruption in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, the earthquake in Greece and providing assistance and vital goods for refugees from Ukraine. 


About MSC Foundation

The non-profit MSC Foundation implements the MSC Group’s marine conservation, humanitarian and sustainable development commitments worldwide, utilising MSC’s global reach and unique knowledge of the sea to protect and nurture our blue planet, its peoples and our shared cultural heritage.


Concentrating on four areas – the Environment, Community Support, Education and Emergency Relief – the Foundation promotes the protection and sustainable management of ecosystems, empowers vulnerable communities around the world to realize their full potential, supports equitable and inclusive quality education to foster enduring individual and collective development, and helps disaster-struck populations toward recovery.


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