Extension of MSC Magnifica: how it was made and what changed on board

The MSC Magnifica has been delivering some of the best cruise holidays to our guests since its launch in 2009 and is soon to receive a major upgrade! The Magnifica is one of four ships in MSC's Musica class of vessels and sails through the best ports of southern Europe and across the Mediterranean. In early 2019 however, the Magnifica expanded her horizons and ventured on the first MSC World Cruise, travelling to 49 amazing destinations in 32 countries on its tour of the globe. The MSC Magnifica currently has nine bars and lounges, four restaurants, and plenty of entertainment options including a theatre, casino and specially designed children’s play areas. But from Summer 2021, it will have even more to offer you! 
The MSC Magnifica is set to undergo a major transformation towards the first quarter of 2021. The length of the ship will be extended by 23 metres, creating an additional 7,000 sqm of new space. This will allow us to add an extra extra 800 sqm of sundeck, 215 new cabins, 2 new restaurants, a totally new Aquapark, a new Kids Area, and even more shopping venues. The upgrade will allow us to provide more accommodation and amenities onboard one of our most magnificent ships! Not only will the newly extended and improved MSC Magnifica deliver a better holiday experience for our guests, it will also have an improved environmental impact thanks to the addition of new technology. The retrofitting of a hybrid exhaust gas cleaning system will improve the air quality from the ship’s emissions, and a Selective Catalytic Reduction system will help reduce nitrogen oxide into pure nitrogen and water through the emissions control technology. Additionally, the ship will be able to ‘plug in’ to the local power grid when in port to further reduce emissions and will be installed with a state-of-the-art advanced wastewater treatment system that purifies used water to near tap-water quality before its release into the sea. Though this may sound like a challenge, it’s one we’re well placed to take on, because we’ve done it before! In 2014 and 2015 all Lirica class ships were updated and refitted. This included four ships in our fleet being extended to insert a new 24m section, in order to improve onboard facilities and environmental performance like the Magnifica. 
When the MSC Magnifica sails again from Southampton in 2021, the latest updates to the ship won’t be the only thing that’s new; we’ll also be taking you to several new destinations! The Magnifica will sail to Northern Europe, the Canary Islands & Madeira, the Baltic Capitals, as well as to the Mediterranean. The highlights include a three-night sailing, perfect for a short getaway or for those looking to try cruising for the first time. The Magnifica will sail from Southampton and take you across the channel to the Belgian port of Zeebrugge. For a longer holiday, there will be two opportunities to discover the Baltic capitals departing in either May or September. The September sailing is 14-nights long and includes an overnight stay in Sweden’s capital Stockholm and a visit to Skagen in Denmark. Both this and the 12-night trip in May include an overnight onboard stay in St Petersburg and a visit to Norway’s capital Oslo. The Magnifica will also offer four different Norwegian Fjord itineraries across the summer season each lasting a week, for you to explore new MSC Cruises destinations including Rosendal in Denmark and Nordfjordeid in Norway. If you’re looking for the perfect family holiday, we’ve developed a 14-night cruise to some of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean specifically with you and your children in mind. The itinerary will provide enough to keep everyone entertained while enabling you to explore seven different ports in nine days!
The new and extended MSC Magnifica is already taking bookings for these fantastic itineraries; go online now to book a cabin to experience the biggest and best version of the Magnifica yet!