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Why Choose MSC MICE & Charter services

The MSC Cruises fleet has grown 800% in capacity over the last ten years, offering a choice that extends from traditional elegance through to modern floating cities of the sea. All of our ships naturally offer complete business facilities and stylish Italian decor and furniture. But best of all they come with our flexible, supportive service so you can choose the ship, location, services, facilities and season that best suit your message and goals.

Why choose MSC MICE & Charters services

If you are looking for original, flexible and tailor-made solutions for your corporate events, meetings, incentive activities and team building, MSC Cruises MICE & Charters division is the right choice. 

Our ultra-modern ships offer state-of-the-art facilities for conferences, meetings and presentations.

We bring you also the support of a specialist team with an industry-leading awareness that successful events depend not just on a successful cruise, but on our supporting the relationship between your company and its public.


  • Incentive holidays for sales’ people, distributors and dealers
  • Prize holidays
  • Brand support and promotional events
  • Conventions
  • Meetings and conferences
  • Product launches and presentations
  • International events

Why choose MSC MICE & Charters services

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Our Equipments and Customisations

MSC Cruises' conference facilities make a special impression thanks to the creative interiors for which our fleet is renowned. And of course they're fully equipped with advanced meeting, presentation and IT equipment:

  • Complete communications, including telephone, fax, GSM and Wi-Fi
  • Work stations with high-speed internet
  • Advanced sound & light systems, with video projection, screen sharing and plasma wall
  • Projectors and video equipment
  • Hostesses and interpreters
  • Photographic services
  • Conference rooms
  • Theatre
  • Lounge rooms & meeting rooms

Our MICE specialists can work with you to reach your stakeholder's hearts and minds. Customisation can play an important role in this and is offered for every space and moment, ranging from shipside banners that forefront your brand to motivational and other special messages in conference halls and public areas, welcome aboard greetings and gifts in cabins, customised daily activity programmes, menus and award ceremonies, and themed events and team competitions. Whatever your objectives, we’ll help you exceed expectations to leave a lasting impression:
    your logo and message on prominent banners, flags, pennant strings, signage, meeting points and reserved areas
    tailor made itinerary & shore excursion, personalized entertainment program, team building activities
    cruise cards, menus, daily programs, port information, tour magazine and dining placeholders
    document folders, backpacks, T-shirts, caps and tags
    invitations, welcome on board messages, thank you letters
    internet package, SPA package, beverage package, private dinner in thematic restaurant, group photo package

Our Equipments and Customisations

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