MSC Cruises

Winter 2020-2021 itineraries udpates

All guests whose booking is affected by any changes will be automatically reprotected to another ship serving the same or similar itinerary. These guests will be eligible for compensation as follows:


 Cabin tpye Cruise length  Included 

Inside Cabin 

Ocean View Cabin

All cruises
Cabin upgrade
Balcony cabin
Yacht Club Cabin
Up to 6 nights

100€/$ of shipboard credit per cabin (50€/$ for single cabins)

   7 nights and more  200€/$ per cabin (100€/$ for single cabins)


The Guests will have 30 days to confirm the new date / ship.

Some cruises won’t receive any compensation: 

  • MSC World Cruise
  • MSC Preziosa, South America
  • South African Cruises


In the following days a dedicated communication will be sent to all guests in order to inform them about their itinerary change. Starting from July 1st it will be possible to access the My MSC Area to check any cruise update.