The future is setting sail at the Milan Expo 2015 with MSC Cruises. State-of-the-art technology, together with a love for the sea and beautiful ships, are the key elements at the MSC Cruises’ stand where visitors can exclusively try out a fully immersive virtual reality experience.


A fantastic and ultra-realistic system for observing life on board the ships in our fleet and for a preview of MSC Meraviglia, our newest ship that is under construction.

We are easy to find in piazza 139/box H24, a few metres from the Decumano – the main street of stands at the Expo 2015. Take the time to put on the special Oculus Gear VR headset from Samsung, sit in an armchair or get on a Segway. Welcome! The mascot for your exclusive immersive virtual reality experience is the friendly Doremì. Your free tour may now begin.

It will only take a few seconds for you to understand that 3D and 4D are already a thing of the past. This immersive journey is a 360-degree multi-sensory experience. You are not just a spectator, but an explorer of the ship’s every detail. Your senses will be delighted with the aroma of bread, chocolate and basil in the buffet area. Watch out for splashing water by the pools! Be amazed by the breathtaking panoramas seen from the highest decks of the ship. In the theatre you can decide whether to get up on stage or sit and applaud the show from the front row. The cabin doors are also open for you to take a peek at their elegant style. In the next few months, more corners of the ship will be unveiled through immersive virtual reality technology. Even when you take off the glasses, your mind will remain convinced that you have experienced, if only for a few minutes, a fantastic holiday with MSC Cruises.

This exclusive, fully immersive virtual reality technology meets growing enthusiasm every day from our visitors. “Within the next few months”, announces Andrea Guanci, Italian Marketing Director for MSC Cruises, “this technology will be available in travel agencies to allow prospective customers to enjoy a preview of the cruise that they intend to book. We are always on the cutting-edge of innovation in customer services.” 

MSC Cruises, the official cruise carrier of the Milan Expo 2015 gives travellers who land at La Spezia or Genoa before 31 October the opportunity to buy tickets for Milan Expo 2015 on board and enables them to take part in an unmissable shore excursion through the exhibition pavilions. The Zero Pavilion is dedicated to the history of food, while the Future Food District reveals how we will feed ourselves in the future; there’s the Biodiversity Park and an area especially for children, while the clusters are dedicated to the main food supply chains or to individual participating nations. 

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