The winter is when the Mediterranean opens itself to the culturally curious, with a temperate climate and destinations that will capture your imagination.
Why not enjoy all the amazing possibilities the Mediterranean has to offer in winter?
To help you do this, for next winter we have various breathtaking itineraries to take you all around the Med and much more.
From November, MSC Orchestra will begin a series of 10 to 12 nights cruises that will take you to discover the north and east Mediterranean or, should you prefer it, to explore the west Mediterranean, including the northern shores of Africa and its Atlantic port towns and islands.
The itineraries begin in the picturesque port town of Genova for Marseille and Provence, and then on to vibrant Barcelona, with its hectic bar life and sunny sea front beaches. From there, MSC Orchestra will take two different roots depending on the week you choose to cruise.
Going eastward, the first itinerary will take you the Valletta, in Malta, a Unesco site full of art treasures and architectural wonders, like its St. John’s Cathedral.
Greece is the next with the wonderful sites in Corfù, Katakolon, the island of Heraklion and, of course, Athens. Byzantine influences, ancient Greek ruins and museums go hand in hand with amazingly natural spots and traditional villages, all the way to the world famous Pantheon overlooking modern Athens.
A stop in Civitavecchia near Rome will give you a chance to sample some of Italy’s historic and artistic treasures. With one of the oldest Etruscan Baths in Italy and many squares of its own, Civitavecchia will also allow you a quick hop over to visit the Eternal City and all its  renowned sites, starting with the Colosseum.
The westerly route from Marseille will take you past the Rock of Gibraltar into the Atlantic and to Casablanca, with all its Moresque architecture and Art Deco buildings.
Out at sea, you’ll feast your eyes on the Canary Islands, stopping in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where you’ll enjoy sites and flavours with magical Spanish influences. A wonderful contrast with the Portuguese influence that has shaped the customs and architecture of the island of Funchal, the last port of call before re-entering the Mediterranean basin.
Malaga, with its holiday atmosphere, will give you a chance to bask on a beach or explore the Picasso Museum. After all, he was born there.
Whichever route you may choose, on board our MSC Orchestra you will be on holiday like a king. You can relax in the sun on any of its ample decks or unwind in the Body and Mind Spa; you can get fit in our sport center and jogging track or just splash about in any one of our five pools.
The evenings aboard have nothing to envy compared to any land resort, with discos, dancing bars, the Palm Beach Casino and the Covent Garden Theatre.
Entertainment isn’t all MSC Orchestra has to offer. You will also be able to enjoy varied and top class culinary experiences thanks to our many restaurants, like the Shanghai Chinese Restaurant or the Four Seasons gourmet Italian dining venue, just to mention a couple.
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