Ramón Freixa joins world-class star chefs partnering MSC

We're delighted to offer MSC guests an even wider choice of astonishing gourmet experiences on board, thanks to our new partnership with double-Michelin-starred Spanish celebrity chef Ramón Freixa.
Ramón joins MSC Cruises' panel of world-renowned chefs, enhancing our already impressive international fine dining offering with two extraordinarily creative dishes, each beautifully representative of contemporary Spanish gastronomic creativity, and now featured in our menus across the fleet.
Born into a renowned family of Barcelona restaurateurs, Ramón Freixa trained at leading establishments in Spain, Belgium and France before taking over the management of his parents' restaurant in 1998 and propelling it to Michelin stardom in the same year.
Starting a restaurant in his own name in 2009, Freixa won immediate recognition for his daring combination of traditional Mediterranean flavours and avant-garde innovation. His restaurant — Ramón Freixa Madrid in Hotel Único — was awarded two Michelin stars within less than a year and a half of opening, thanks to Ramón's bold creations with a sense of humour and adventure. These constant qualities have not only ensured it retains that coveted honour today, but have also seen it gain three Repsol Suns.
Further restaurants followed, along with multiple International awards, innovative cookbooks and a 2016 appearance as host of the first challenge in the Spanish Celebrity MasterChef final. Crowning his recognition, Freixa has received repeated commissions from Spanish state institutions and the Royal Family, including the appointment of official caterer to the Royal Theatre.
Distinguishing Chef Freixa's creations is a unique approach that he describes as "based on three elements: produce, technique and feeling, plus a search for magic," in which each dish is conceived to tell a story in sequences of flavour, texture and colour.
This extraordinary approach is now yours to experience on the gastronomic voyage of an MSC cruise, with two exquisite dishes Ramón Freixa has created especially for MSC, the signature dish Duck royal with foie cream and onions, which will be a star feature of our Elegant Dinner menu, and a creation especially conceived for MSC Yacht Club: Glazed pluma of Ibérico pork with sautéed vegetables.
What's more, MSC Yacht Club guests will also be offered a special selection of Freixa tapas dishes: Caprese rigatoni, Spanish omelette cone, and his delightful “Ensaladilla rusa” inside-an-egg Russian Salad.
Ramón Freixa's partnership with MSC Cruises sees him join an exceptional constellation of international star chefs who share our values, including Joe Bastianich, Carlo Cracco, Jereme Leung, Jean-Philippe Maury and Roy Yamaguchi. Together, they bring MSC guests unforgettable experiences of world-class culinary creativity from around the world.
So you can step aboard to explore the globe by sea, and discover a world of heavenly flavour!