Landscapes to be admired at least once in life. Towns to go back to discover each time a new look. 
The fjords are a feature peculiar to the northern coast of Norway. They wind their way inland, bringing you back in time to fishing villages and primordial panoramas where nature still rules the way of life.

MSC Preziosa and MSC Orchestra will be awaiting you to discover the secrets of these water filled valleys that will take you inland to see uniquely evocative sceneries. 

MSC Orchestra will be setting sail from Copenhagen and Warnemünde
Cruising up the Sognefjord, the longest fjord in Norway, it leads you to Flaam. Extending over 200 km inland, this fjord is truly impressive. Here you will have a unique opportunity to ride the a train from Flåm to Kjosfossen, a 20km ride that offers landscapes that will make your journey unforgettable. 
Attractive and friendly, Stavanger waits you to offer visitors a variety of activities, starting from a visit to the town itself, that has a centre full of shops, narrow streets and an attractive cathedral. Here you will also have a chance to choose among local museums or arrange to visit the Hafrsfjord.
Then, the ship will bring you to Oslo, for an overnight in the Norway Capital, or to Holden, depending on the week you will choose, before to go back to Copenhagen. 
MSC Preziosa, instead, will depart from the quiet port of Kiel and from Copenhagen, where life seems to stand still in an elegant and relaxed city atmosphere. 

You will sail towards Hellesylt, a cosy little town in the Geiranger fjord. Surrounded by mountains and peaks, it offers breathtaking sceneries both from the town and from the observation posts that can be reached by hiking to heights of up to 1500 meters. 
A Unesco World Heritage Site, Bergen is the next port of call;  a lovely city that can be visited just by stalling around. It’s one of the best preserved medieval boroughs of the country, and you’ll love its old buildings and the narrow alleys. 
You will have the opportunity to discover beauties of Flaam, as the Kjosfossen waterfalls, before to return to Kiel.
As these ships will also be covering the Baltic capitals, check out here their schedule, so you can plan your cruise accordingly.
However you’ll decide to combine these locations, both cruises will give you an impressive experience of the local wilderness as well as a pleasant insight into local customs, folklore and architecture.
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