The island of Cuba is ready to welcome you with history, tradition, music, spices and sun drenched beaches whenever you decide to go on holiday.
Thanks to its tropical climate Cuba has great weather all year round, meaning you can enjoy summer whatever the season.
There are two one-week itineraries you can choose from. Or you can do like many of our customers, who combine both for a fantastic two week vacation.
Remember, as well as the great weather, you’ll also enjoy all the comfort, relaxation, bars, restaurants, sun decks, pools, theatre shows and shopping malls available on our fantastic MSC Opera cruise ship.
While in Havana you’ll be able to take advantage of the many excursions, making the most while waiting to depart or on your return to the capital at the end of the cruise.

Our excursions are divided into five categories to cater for all needs, and here are just some examples of what could be waiting for you.
- From our Culture and History categories you could visit the Trinidad Village or go around on the Vintage American Cars tour to relive Havana before the revolution.
- In the City Tour section you can sour the whole city with the Havana City Tour or just enjoy the Old Havana with a more detailed look at that part of town.
- If you are a nature lover, we have the Natural Wonders excursions, like the Verdant Vinales Valley or the La Terrazas Village & Nature tours that will allow you to experience inland life and visit plantations.
- For beach lovers we have Sun and Sea excursions to take you to a few spots where you can enjoy a day at the beach and much more, like at Santa Maria del Mar or the Sea and Sand at Varadero excursion. 
- Or why not go for Something Special, like a Night at the Habana Café or a tour of Havana with its Cannonball Ceremony.
Whether you are curious, adventurous, prefer to relax or crave a hive of activities, we have an excursion waiting for you.
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