From flavours of a creole life to the sumptuousness of some of the world’s best beaches, Cuba and the Caribbean await you with MSC Opera and MSC Armonia.
Imagine the incredible marvels of Cuba being only the gateway to a whole Caribbean paradise.
Two of MSC Cruises’ ships, MSC Opera and, from next winter, MSC Armonia are awaiting to take you to exotic and cultural locations in Mexico, Jamaica and Honduras, just to mention a few of the countries available to you.
An incredible cruise with two itineraries to choose from or you can combine the two itineraries and enjoy a superb two week cruise
And why not pre-book your favourite excursions or include the flight to Havana so the whole package will be made to measure and taken care of.
Havana is one of the most intriguing port towns in the world where you can have a flavour of what it was like to live there back in the days of Hemingway, with bars and cars that still retain the same charm as they had 60 years ago.
These cruises will give you the chance to visit and enjoy those places whose names everyone knows but few have actually visited: Roatan in Honduras, Belize CityCosta Maya in Mexico, the Isla de la Juventud in Cuba, Montego Bay in Jamaica, Georgetown in the Cayman Islands and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula in Cozumel.
Each of these destinations will reserve plenty of pleasant surprises and reveal their secrets to you, thanks to the perfectly organised excursions our specialised personnel will take you on.
From local restaurants, to savour the infinite varieties of local cuisine, to shopping sprees, from museums to archeological sites, nature reserves and white sandy beaches made to relax on, our itineraries have been studied to give you the opportunity to choose the experiences that most intrigue you.
You will re-live history and come back with many stories to share.
Live the Caribbean, fly to Cuba and experience an unparalleled cruise. 
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