Vintage American cars, rum, brightly painted houses, cigars and intriguingly spiced recipes are only some of the memories that will capture your senses.  

A magical mix of Spanish colonial heritage together with the influence of African traditions framed with a colourful vintage American feel makes this Caribbean paradise a shrine of cultural blends. The crafting of cigars, the blending of rums and the maintenance of vintage 1950’s US automobiles are just the beginning when you take in the flavour of Havana between the harbour, the old town and its bars and restaurants.  

You can then choose one of two itineraries with one of our two resident cruises, MSC OPERA, touring the Caribbean all summer long from November, and MSC ARMONIA, from 22 November to mid March. With either MSC ship you'll be able to set sail for white beaches with crystal clear waters and deep green lush vegetation. Or go inland to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere accompanied by sensual music, delicious food and culture with influences that have roots in three other continents. 

The largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba has a history of colonization and revolution that makes it one of the most intriguing destinations in the world. The recent embargo locked it in a time capsule that makes visiting Cuba a step back in time.  

From the luxury of our two resident ships, you will be able to take a plunge back in time in the Historical towns of Havana Vieja, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba, as well as into the most uncontaminated natural spots on the island, like the white beaches of Cayo Largo and Varadero with their colourful flora and local residents. 
If all that wasn’t enough you can also visit the tobacco plantations in the Viñales Valley, in the Pinar del Rio province, where you will also have a taste of the original local creole cuisine. 
For those who like to be immersed in nature, why not explore the reserves and coffee plantations around Las Terrazas with an all day tour for an intense experience of local customs, mouth-watering food and breath-taking sights. 

The first itinerary will take you to the Isla de Roatan in Honduras, Belize City, on to Costa Maya in Mexico and the Isla de la Juventud in Cuba before returning to Havana.
The second itinerary will start with two and half days and two nights in Havana, then set sail for Montego Bay in Jamaica, stopping in Georgetown at the Cayman Islands and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula in Cozumel before circling back to the Cuban capital. For those who want a unique cruise, both itineraries can be combined to have a cruise of a lifetime

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Have a nice trip! Or, as they say in Cuba, Buen Viaje!!