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The Kieler Förde
The Schleswig-Holsteinisches Freilichtmuseum

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A strong relationship with water

Arriving on your MSC Cruise of Northern Europe, you will have the chance to visit Kiel, an expanding urban centre on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

Kiel became the Imperial military port of Germany in 1871 and, when its canal was opened to connect the Baltic and the North Seas in 1895, the town began to control the largest artificial waterway in the world.

Kiel is the ideal location for a relaxing vacation in Germany with an MSC cruise: it is simple and quiet, even during the Kieler Woche international regatta, an event not to be missed by sailing enthusiasts. The few city museums can be visited in one morning, however, if you want to get acquainted with Kiel you cannot ignore its waterways, to which the town is indissolubly bound: they can be visited by taking the Kiellinie footpath or taking a cruise along the Kieler Förde and along the canal.

A spacious promenade along the pier will give you the chance to admire a variety of vessels of all sorts, amongst which the dinghies of the sailing school and, from the wet dock in front, the best view one can get of Kiel. 6 km south-west of the centre, in Molfsee, where we find the Schleswig-Holsteinisches Freilichtmuseum.

This open air museum shows about seventy traditional buildings taken from the Lande and assembled in miniature villages: the colonial houses still maintain the original furniture – outstanding beds sleeping the entire family in order to keep warm in the freezing winters.

While on vacation in Kiel with your MSC Cruise, an excursion will take you to Lubecca, one of the few towns on the northern coasts of Europe that has kept its Medieval glory. For more than two centuries it has been one of the wealthiest and most powerful European cities. The wealth deriving from trade is best expressed through its architecture: from the oldest Rathaus in Germany to the churches with the tallest bell towers and the merchants’ mansions.

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    Reach the port

    Port of Kiel

    This section contains information on how to reach the port.

    Cruise Terminal:

    1. Ostuferhafen Terminal > MSC Meraviglia

    Reach the port by

    • Car


      The Ostuferhafen is signposted from all main traffic routes. 
      Follow the signs marked "Ferry", “Ostufer” and then later " Ostuferhafen ". 
      Your ship is berthed by the Ostuferhafen Cruise Terminal. 


      Parking Information

      KIEL - Parking located inside the terminal with exclusive lugguage drop off
      Address: Salzredder 30, 24149 Kiel
      Tel: +49 0431 9822 399
      Address: Am Kiel-Kanal-38, 24106 Kiel 
      Tel: +49 0431 55 68 60 76 
      °MSC Parking is bookable online up to 48 hours before your cruise departure  Bookings after the 48 hour deadline can be made directly through the Parking company, and the same reduced rates will be applied when presenting your cruise travel documents
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      KIEL - Parking located inside the terminal with exclusive lugguage drop off°


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    On the routes of the Hanseatic League
    On the routes of the Hanseatic League

    Nowadays a holiday to northern Germany will take you to visit a region of bucolic charm.

    Notwithstanding the Land’s capital Kiel, a brusque, working port, it is free of urban development, its gentle Baltic coast notched by fjords, its west coast wind-blown and wild, and everywhere canopied by colour-washed skyscapes that have long captivated many an artist’s imagination. Even Lübeck wears its history lightly. Sure, the one-time city-state has a tale as rich and complex as any plotline by its local son, Thomas Mann. Yet at the core of its appeal is nothing more complicated than one of the most enigmatic old towns in Germany, with a heritage and sense of cultural worth handed down from centuries at the head of the Hanseatic League.

    Once you’ve ticked off the cultural heavyweights of Hamburg and Lübeck, a holiday to Schleswig-Holstein during your MSC Northern Europe cruise – with Schleswig’s fine beaches and marram-grass dunes, candy-striped lighthouses, commercial ports on deep fjords, and changeable weather, and Holstein’s distinctly Nordic feel – will be one of pure natural wonder.