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MSC Marine Reserve
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Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve

Ocean Cay, a Unique Island

A cruise to the Caribbean on an MSC cruise ship will take you to the most beautiful beaches in the world. 
Ocean Cay is part of the Bimini chain of islands in the western Bahamas, 20 miles (32 km) south of Bimini and just 65 miles (104.5 km) east of Miami.

MSC Cruises has helped this country set up an environmental paradise and an exclusive spot for vacationing in harmony with nature in one of its most astonishing locations: Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve
You will discover six splendid beaches, a vast calm lagoon, the harmonious lines of the typical houses of a Bahamian village and much more. The crown jewel of Ocean Cay are the aquatic sports activities, suitable for adults and children. 
In addition, one of the island’s beaches is dedicated to families. Located a short distance from where the ships are docked and the area is fully equipped. The more romantic cruise goers, on the other hand, will be able to envision their wedding on the northern beach or simply take a stroll at sunset. 
MSC Cruises excursions include an underwater exploration of the MSC Marine Reserve with its astounding tropical underwater life. During your Caribbean cruise, you will also be able to independently snorkel and swim in the waters of Ocean Cay. 
The attractions of this unique island also include its seaside restaurants and tiki bars, while the expert staff of Aurea Spa will offer massages and beauty treatments in sea view cabanas.

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Experiencing Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve


Music and islands
Music and islands

As you arrive on your cruise to the Bahamas – seven hundred islands scattered over 3800 sq.km. of crystal clear tropical seas in the northern part of the Caribbean – you will discover beaches and interesting hikes in the hinterland, still partly to be explored, as well as lots of sports.

For those who choose the beach and are travelling with children, Taino Beach, in the area of Lucaya, is the ideal location with its small playground. If you are looking for one of the most isolated beaches in the entire archipelago, an excursion you should not miss is to Blue Lagoon Island: beautiful, crystal clear, turquoise waters and a hidden lagoon.

A vacation in the Bahamas isn’t a true vacation without an excursion to the historical forts and monuments of Nassau: Fort Montague, the oldest on the island of New Providence; Fort Charlotte, whose cannons have always only fired blanks; Fort Fincastle, which due to its shape resembles a steamship. Music is the other great passion of the inhabitants of the Bahamas: it is the sound track of the life on this Caribbean archipelago.

Often played live, in restaurants, casinos and even in beach bars. From the most traditional steel drum bands, to rake ’n’ scrape, a music similar to reggae, played with an unusual instrument, a saw; and then calypso, soca and junkanoo.



    • Are sunbeds and umbrellas on the beaches?

      The islands’ wonderful beaches feature sunbeds free of charge, while umbrellas and cabanas are available for hire for a fee. In addition, restrooms can be found on every beach. They are clearly indicated on the island map and on the signs around the island.

    • What about safety on the beach?

      MSC Cruises is always at pains to ensure the safety of our Guests. Therefore, a lifeguard is on duty on every beach to supervise the safety of beachgoers.

    • Where can I rent equipment for water sports?

      Ocean Cay offers facilities for many water-based activities. You will find a rental station on each of the island’s beaches, located behind the restrooms, to rent snorkelling gear for the whole family, as well as kayaks, paddleboards, inner tubes and other water sports equipment. On the Snorkel Beach there is even a place to rent scuba-diving as well as snorkelling equipment.

    • Where can I get food on the island?

      An island paradise wouldn’t be an island paradise without great food and you will find a mouth-watering choice on Ocean Cay: 

      This is the place to be for freshly prepared meals from a variety of international culinary traditions, including American classics and authentic Bahamian flavours. Conveniently located near the family lagoon. 

      Food Trucks 
      Food trucks with snacks, hot dogs. etc will also move around the island, so you can enjoy your favourites wherever they want.

    • Where can I get beverages or ice creams on the island?

      Tiki Bars  
      There are 7 tiki bars spread across the island, each with its own personality and its own special look and feel. 
      Managed by the Bahamian Springer family and located in the marina, this friendly bar offers cocktails and drinks in authentic Bahamian style.  

      Lighthouse Bar  
      This Hemingway-style cocktail bar offers an ample selection of rums, other spirits and delicious cocktails, all served with incredible sea views.  

      Coffee Bar  
      The coffee bar offers freshly brewed whole bean and ground coffee, espresso and cappuccino for an energetic start to the day on Ocean Cay or a quick boost throughout the day.  

      Ice Cream Parlour  
      Located in the marina and in partnership with San Bernardo Ice Cream, this venue offer hundreds of different kinds of ice cream, from classics to more innovative flavours with a Bahamian twist.

    • Do onboard beverages packages include food and drinks on the island?

      No. Food and drink on the island is not included in the cruise ticket or any beverage packages purchased while on board. However, you can upgrade any onboard beverage packages to include unlimited drinks on Ocean Cay. But since the ship is docked at the island itself, you can go back on board at any time to take advantage of the onboard buffet.

    • What can I do on the island?

      The Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve is full of amazing activity options: 
      • Ocean Cay boasts miles of pristine white sand, lovingly curated and spread over seven distinct beach areas, each with its own allure and charm. 
      • A wide variety of dining and drinking options – including a buffet, seven beach tiki bars, two signature bars, several food trucks as well as an ice cream parlour and coffee bar. 
      • The island’s authentic Bahamian-style village with a wide range of places to shop, eat, drink and relax. 
      • At the signature red-and-white lighthouse, a Hemingway-style bar and terrace will offer cocktails and a sweeping ocean view. 
      • Ocean Cay excursions will allow you to explore, discover, relax and enjoy nature’s beauty. 
      • At the MSC Aurea Spa, you can choose from a range of relaxing body and facial treatments and enjoy the added benefit of spectacular island view. 
      • Guests will be entertained by DJs, live Bahamian music, dance lessons and a pop-up evening cinema.

    • Which family-friendly activities are available?

      Ocean Cay is a paradise for children. The Great Lagoon beach area is dedicated to families with kids. Boasting shallow water and a floating submarine attraction, it’s the ideal place for children to have fun in absolute safety. You can also enjoy dedicated entertainment for families and kids, both on the beaches and in shaded areas.

    • Can I plan and book the activities to do on island before the cruise?

      Yes, all excursions, beverages and MSC Aurea Spa treatments can be booked in advance. Also, you can book directly on board at the relevant information desks or through the MSC for Me app (only on the MSC Seaside and MSC Meraviglia).

    • How can I book excursions?

      Excursions can be booked in any of the following ways:
      • Prior to the cruise via the MSC website,
      • On board the ship, either at the Excursions’ Desk or via the MSC for Me app (only on MSC Seaside and MSC Meraviglia)
      • At the Welcome Centre, located at the plaza directly on Ocean Cay itself.

    • Which entertainment options are available on the island?

      From sports tournaments and dance lessons to live music and even a pop-up cinema at night, you can enjoy a fantastic variety of activities on Ocean Cay. At any time, you can choose to go back to the ship, where the shops, casino and spa will remain open and entertainment activities will carry on as usual.

    • Can I do some shopping?

      Ocean Cay Trading Post
      Here you can choose from a wide selection of Ocean Cay souvenirs and gifts for both adults and children, ranging from T-shirts, caps, beach items, towels and accessories. You will also find beach essentials like sunscreen lotions and lip balms.

      Bahamian Straw Market For arts and crafts by local artisans and more, the Bahamian Straw Market is a fun place to shop. The Market accept only cash (USD) as a form of payment.

    • Is this island big? Will I have to walk long distances to visit places?

      The most distant place on the island is only a 20-minute walk away, and easy-to-follow signs will guide you to wherever you wish to go. In addition, electric carts are available to transport you around the island.

    • How can I pay on the island?

      All payments on the island are booked to your Cruise Card. The only place that does not accept the Cruise Card is the Bahamian Straw Market, where only cash is accepted.

    • Is WiFi available on the island?

      Ocean Cay is equipped with WiFi. The ship’s WiFi works only over a limited distance on the island. To stay connected on the island, you can buy an island WiFi package or upgrade the onboard one.