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Savour an exhilarating travel experience that immerses you in the heart of the

Indian Ocean aboard the iconic Bhangra Boat®


An invitation to discover your next cruise story and reignite your passion for travel

Cruising for its 5th year, The Bhangra Boat® is a highly sought-after cruise offering entertainment that brings together fresh music, dance, party, culture and comedy with an MSC Cruise experience.  With a high passenger retention rate, The Bhangra Boat® has become one of the most attractive and popular themed MSC cruises. Join us as we cruise from 24-27 March 2023 to the Portuguese Islands, Mozambique onboard the lavish MSC Orchestra. It’s a cruise where every day is unforgettable and where even the most veteran cruise travellers are swept away in absolute wonder!


Experience a diverse spectrum of fascinating facilities onboard the elegant MSC Orchestra

Discover the casual freedom of a cruise vacation aboard the MSC Orchestra that is renowned for its extravagant amenities. Be set free from the everyday rat race and enjoy the variety of entertainment and facilities onboard from the beautiful lounges to the relaxing pool decks, stunning casino, deluxe theatres, delectable cuisine, calming spa, gym or assortment of shops; there’s so much to experience and marvel about on the MSC Orchestra.  It’s sheer pleasure! Kids also get to enjoy a delightful cruise experience at the various exciting play areas onboard.


A Uniquely Curated Entertainment Experience

The Bhangra Boat® boasts some of the most talented and well-known personalities in the South African entertainment and music industry.  Cruise #5 guarantees exceptional comedy shows, singers, DJs, musicians and performances.  Our themed parties on board caters for all tastes and music genres such as Bhangra, Dance, Chutney, Hip-Hop, R&B, House, 80’s and more.  


Island Life: White Sands, Aquamarine Waters & Hidden Treasures

The Portuguese Islands, Maputo Bay offers you a relaxing day on untouched beaches.  Bask in the sun, swim in the ocean or enjoy the beauty and rich heritage of the island.


The Bhangra Boat® -  It’s a differentiated lifestyle & extraordinary encounter that will leave you changed because our passengers are our family!

Our cruise always makes you feel like you’re part of a united family. From the moment you step onboard, you’ll feel cared for and special because our approach and service comes from the heart.


Affordable. Pay MONTHLY towards your cabin.


R3000 deposit secures your cabin. Monthly payments towards your cabin/s are welcome. All outstanding monies must be paid to MSC Cruises 75 days before departure. Book directly with MSC Cruises ONLY. Call MSC Cruises on 087 630 0333 or 010 980 0672





Use the Booking Code: ”BHANGRA CRUISE”


To enjoy our Bhangra Boat® events, passengers MUST use the Booking Code: Bhangra Cruise when making a booking. Using the entertainment fee means you will have access to our exclusive events. All our events will be strictly access controlled to our Bhangra Boat® passengers only. The booking code covers an entertainment fee over the 3 day period.


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