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Dream. Explore. Discover. Be Entertained.

Experience a thrilling weekend cruise under the tropical Indian Ocean skies and on the serene Indian Ocean waters, aboard the well renowned Bhangra Boat™. Cruising for its 4th year, The Bhangra Boat™ is recognised for its memorable experience, unimaginable fun out at sea and unparalleled entertainment. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of the themed cruise that offers a fusion of contemporary music, dance, party, culture and comedy. The Bhangra Boat™ is unquestionably the language of enjoyment and has something for everyone!

It’s full steam ahead as we cruise from 19 to 22 March 2021 to Portuguese Islands, Mozambique on the majestic MSC Orchestra.


The MSC Orchestra : Ultimate Extravagance. Unmatched. Unforgettable.

Experience magic onboard the graceful MSC Orchestra cruise liner boasting its luxurious facilities and features. Whether you’re being entertained in the alluring Shakers Lounge, relaxing on the pool decks, gaming in the classy Sanremo Casino, enjoying one of the Bhangra Boat comedy shows in the plush theatres, or parting on the pool deck at night, the MSC Orchestra offers her passengers a range of activities that will keep you regaled all weekend. 

The cuisine onboard caters for all your dietary requirements and ranges from gourmet specialities such as Italian and Japanese amongst others.

A lavish spa onboard offers the best therapy for a tired mind and body.

Pop into one of the shops on board to indulge in some retail therapy.

Rest assured knowing that your children are having a blast at the Kids and Teens Clubs designed to provide the non-stop entertainment that young cruisers seek on-board.


Fun for All. All for Fun. Entertainment at its best.

Cruise #4 will showcase a stunning exhibition of talented and popular personalities in the South African entertainment and music industry. Be entertained by exceptional comedy shows, singers, DJs, dances and inspiring musical performances.  Themed parties will include all music genres including Bhangra, Dance, Hip-Hop, R&B, House, 80’s and more. The parties onboard are undoubtedly electrifying and elevating! 


You’ll love where we take you.

Experience a captivating paradise on the Portuguese Islands, Maputo Bay.  Enjoy a fun-filled and relaxing day on the pristine beaches.  This island haven will mesmerise you with its beauty and rich heritage.


Affordable. Pay MONTHLY towards your cabin.


R3000 deposit secures your cabin. Monthly payments towards your cabin/s are welcome. All outstanding monies must be paid to MSC Cruises 75 days before departure. The sooner you book, the lesser you pay. Book directly with MSC Cruises ONLY. Call MSC Cruises on 087 630 0333 or 010 980 0672.


Use the Booking Code: “BHANGRA CRUISE”


To enjoy our exclusive Bhangra Boat ™ events, passengers MUST use the Booking Code: Bhangra Cruise when making a booking. Using the booking code means you will have access to our exclusive events. All our events will be strictly access controlled to our Bhangra Boat passengers only. The booking code covers an entertainment fee over the 3 day period.


Way more than just a cruise… Its an experience…

Beautiful memories.

Treasured moments.

Family and friends.

New friendships.

This is the Bhangra Boat ™ signature!!!

Tick Your Bucket List. Experience this incredible cruise.


Kids under 18 cruise free!

 MSC Cruises Dynamic Pricing Policy Applies.

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